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Potholes on the Road to Success

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Obstacles to achieving your goals manifest themselves in your attitude, in the guise of other people and sheer bad luck. But the right frame of mind and learning the necessary skills, can help you fulfill your potential and get you exactly where you want to go.  

A Good First Impression

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You only get one opportunity to make a good first impression at an interview. Here is how to make a good first impression and impress your interviewer.  

Do you love your job?

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If you answer this question honestly you should be able to realise whether you should consider other job opportunities or not. Working in a dead end job does no good for the body and mind, but then on the other hand how many of us have that courage to move out of the comfort zone into the unknown?  

Employees’ training needs

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Organisations focus upon the development of available resources to meet the ever-increasing challenges presented by the competitive environment. Training the organisation’s employees is one of the major continuous investments that organisations make in their employees, although undeniably payroll represents the largest labour cost of any organisation.  

Linking training to organisational goals

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The Learning Age

Training in today’s learning age has transformed itself from an educational and purely academic dimension to a more inclusive lifelong learning experience. As we grow in our careers and develop our skills and knowledge, we are enriching not only ourselves, but also everyone that we come into contact with.  

Skills gap issue in financial services creates problems in recruitment

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The Education Consultative Council (ECC) of the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) conducted a survey highlighting the significant skills gap present within the financial services sector in Malta.  

Accepting or Refusing a Job Offer

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The Decision-Making Process

It’s that time of one’s professional career, when an advertised position would have come somehow caught your eye - you would have submitted an application without thinking too much about it and hoped for the best.  When you were invited to attend for the interview, you went because you were interested, became more interested during the interview and eventually came to the situation where a job offer has been presented to you.   

Vacancies: should you recruit new staff or promote internally?

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Every organisation goes through recruitment processes to fill vacancies from time to time.  The age-old dilemma lies in the fact that promoting someone from within the organisation may result in advantages for the organisation when compared with the alternative of recruiting new employees to fill such positions.  

Feeling Stuck. 5 Strategies against it

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Five of the most common behaviours that hold us back from living the lives we really want to live. One of the most common statements I hear when I talk with potential clients is, "I feel stuck." People find themselves feeling stuck in different ways.  

Searching for Jobs Online

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The Internet has completely changed the ways and means of job searching. It has created a neutral (and easily reached) ground where employers and job seekers can seek each other in complete anonymity with just the click of a button.